Delighted to be a Triple Award Winner in the Goldsmiths Craft & Design Council Awards


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2020 Triple Award Winner!

2020 Triple Award Winner!

2020 Triple Award Winner!


Delighted to announce that I have won 3 Design Awards at this years Goldsmiths Craftsmanship & Design Awards ceremony. 

I am truly honoured, as this is the only peer reviewed awards for excellence in jewellery & silversmithing craftsmanship and design in the jewellery industry. 


Something different

2020 Triple Award Winner!

2020 Triple Award Winner!

January 2020

So this month I am designing with diamonds from Madestones in Antwerp.

These are diamonds created in a laboratory. As well as white, they are producing diamonds of beautiful striking colour. An affordable, ethical, conscientious and modern choice.

A laboratory grown diamond is still a diamond. There is no difference between a diamond occurring naturally and a laboratory grown diamond except its ‘origin’.

Jean Paul Tolkowsky diamond
Ideal cut
Fire, brilliance, sparkle

Tolkowsky Diamonds

2020 Triple Award Winner!

Tolkowsky Diamonds


I recently collaborated with Jean Paul Tolkowsky, who's grandfather created the Ideal Cut diamond, on a project for a client based in the Far East.

Mathematically designed to optimal proportions and symmetry, the Ideal Cut maximizes the 3 elements of light in the diamond: Fire, Brilliance and Sparkle. It was an honour to work with Jean Paul and learn so much about diamond cutting first hand.


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